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jimmy_msi_steve's Journal

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this community is for fans of Jimmy Urine & Steve Righ? of Mindless Self Indulgence

post whatever the fuck you want just as long as you follow the rules below:

-dont post quizes,surveys .. or any other stupid shit that doesnt have anything to do with this community
-theres no limit on how many pictures you post just as long as you use the lj-cut if you plan on posting more than 3 pictures or if you plan on posting (a) huge picture(s) put it all behind the lj-cut .. dont be an asshole & post 20 pictures without using the lj-cut .. not everyone has dsl & it floods the page
-dont join if your a hater .. its really fucken stupid & a big waste of time
-dont start bullshit with anyone

if you have any questions or problems get ahold of me


full credit to xsamxsamx